Welcome to the AplikoJob mini site!

AplikoJob is a Windows application aimed at making the process of applying for jobs quicker and easier.

Alongside so many other things job applications have gone digital in the last few years. When previously you would print a hundred copies of your CV and send them to companies you would like to work for, you now have to fill out forms online.

This is great, because it allows companies to search your information and skill set, however it also means that you need to spend much more time on each application answering the same questions over and over.

This is where AplikoJob comes in. AplikoJob allows you to keep a digital copy of your CV in a central location.

When the application notices that you might need a certain part of your CV in a contact- or application form it automatically fills parts of the form for you.

Even if Apliko fails to retrieve the right part of your CV, it allows you to search all the information you have stored yourself and copy relevant information into your job application form.

It is a very easy fluid experience that really helps you to apply for more jobs quicker and find employment sooner.

Get AplikoJob from the Windows Store now

  • Sync your CV and Browsing History data using OneDrive.
  • Keep track of your recent applications
  • Use tabbed browsing to view more than one job advert at once
  • Browse your CV using the CV Explore Feature
  • Search your CV for specific information
  • Let AplikoJob automatically fill job application forms and contact forms
  • The CV Editor lets you create a digital copy of your CV
  • Full support for the system-wide dictionary
  • Full support for important documents
  • Custom fields allow you to store extra information like Personal Statements etc.