Privacy Statement

AplikoJob can use OneDrive to sync your data across all your Windows 8 devices.
More information about how OneDrive allows you to share and synchronise your data, is available on the Microsoft website.

How do I enable the OneDrive synchronisation?

To enable the OneDrive integration, click the option in the AplikoJob main menu. You may need to give the app access to your OneDrive before you can use the feature.

What changes will AplikoJob make to my OneDrive?

If you enable the OneDrive synchronisation feature in AplikoJob, the application will create a folder in your OneDrive that will hold all your CV data. If you enable the OneDrive synchronisation on more than one device, AplikoJob will ensure that all devices always have the latest version of your files. Switching this feature on also enables you to keep your data saved if you switch devices or need to reset your device.

Are my CV files private?

Yes they are stored as private files in your OneDrive. You can choose to manually share these files, but AplikoJob will always store new files as 'private'.